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Netscape's Java Crashing PC - Not IE.


However, the side-effect of this security check is to require the intranet DNS server to be able to resolve any external host name from the Internet. The IE sends the following error mensage: JInitiator 1.3 Fatal Error The Java Runtime Environment cannot be loaded from I surrender, LOL... It shows that processor usage is 100%, when normally, with what I do, it should be under 10%. I have different problem with windows 7(32 bit). this contact form

Two of the screenshots (including the Windows Task Manager) show the IE pages that are causing this issue. Humans Need Not Apply: The Structural Jobs Fiasco No One Knows How to Deal with. But hey, softdev is not cheap, the money must come somewhere, one way or another. The url opens in a separate Internet Explorer (IE 6.0, Update version-SP2) window. check here

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Do you have any tips? If you get the Sun Java Console work even once (by selecting this checkbox), after that it will always work, no matter wehther you check or uncheck it. (3) Analysis performed I tried IE 8 and 9 Thanks in advance, Maz August 25, 2014ReplymabbasWorked great! Using earlier versions of Winzip may not unzip the Converter properly.

A: Only extensions installed in the \lib\ext directory will be added to the classpath. Once jinitiator has been installed, replace the jvm.dll file August 27, 2010ReplyAnkurThanks Its really worked for me too.. It is indeed arrogant and foolhardy that MS thinks it can bully customers interesting Nov 13, 2016 at 9:44 pm all the browsers i use suck…….all of them hang up on Internet Explorer For Windows 8 Any suggestion on this would be more appreciable.

I hate Seattle too. Matt August 13, [email protected] Hey, I'm glad my post helped you guys. September 7, 2011ReplyrobbieIlias i'm sure original poster would, if your solution does prove to correct/fix other issues users are still seeing after the fix already mentioned regards rob September 13, 2011ReplyZeroDevIlias A: You may want to check that the CODEBASE in the OBJECT tag actually has the correct URL for Java Plug-in.

Q: Some web/proxy servers require users to login for authentication. Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working When I click on the selections I have in my tree view it says the "navigation to this webpage was canceled". Thanks GAG January 23, 2010ReplySathyaHi GAG, I assume you're referring to me, in which case my name's Sathya, not Sarah ;) The crash is due to incompatibility with the Java Virtual September 2, 2010ReplyKevinHi, Thanks for the link to download the correct jvm version as the latest does not work.

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After nth time of error in installation and so much delays. I have IE8 with SP3. Internet Explorer Download Will update once I figure out how May 13, 2010ReplyAndreaThis works for me too... Internet Explorer Update My solution and workaround solve these issues for ALL the users / businesses that may have the same problem and cannot migrate to win 7.

Is there a way to fix this? But it`s still not working here. Thank you for the fix! As soon as we click the link for the applet in that web application, ALL windows get closed. Internet Explorer Download For Windows 10

I try to close IE, but can’t. To make Java Plug-in Software read in the new settings, simply restart your browser. February 16, 2010ReplyBillBrilliant!!! I am/was almost ready to take a hammer to my Android tablet.

John Nov 17, 2016 at 12:44 pm Mr.Wolf Unless you are one of those dedicated,persistent people who intend to use IE until the Sun burns all the Hydrogen you must admit Internet Explorer 11 For Windows 10 The above configuration can still work with the latest versions of Java Update Version 7 installed, it’s not effected, although I have not run with update 5 yet. endless pop up, warnings, attempts to self install the windows 10edition.

FF has the same 100%+ CPU use problem across many platforms and from way back around FF 4.

Wolf has to use IE, as a lot of commercial will not display properly, or even not display, in anything but IE, still. its finally working PHEW !!! :D December 27, 2011ReplyRazvanThank you very much for this very simple solution! I run Linux Mint on a dual boot system. Internet Explorer 10 Download But it does, for self-serving purposes.

March 2, 2010Replyhalagreat work thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you it worked well with firefox also March 4, 2010ReplyHilman RamliThank you. Installing it incorrectly may inadvertently disable Java Plug-in Software or cause it to fail. This error message occurs when the Certificate Revocation option in Internet Explorer is selected. Thank you for the solution..

Nov 13, 2016 at 9:07 pm Wolf, surprised you still use IE when Chrome and Firefox are readily available. Due to limitation of what information can be returned via HTTPS in Navigator, the web server's "File Not Found" HTML page is returned instead of the appropriate status. Once Jinitiator was installed I would copy in a version of the jvm.dll of “Java 2 Platform Edition 6 update 3″ into the hotspot folder. IE hangs up.

That way, I will spend far less time online, and engage in more productive and rewarding pursuits. However, when you login to Windows NT using another user account, these settings in the registry can no longer be accessed because they are in a different user account. If you don't want to be tracked by ISP address, use VPN, which makes you anonymous at least at the ISP level. July 21, 2009ReplyKarlaYou're a lifesaver.

I upgraded 5 laptops to Win 10 pro long ago. unfortunately, business users continue to have to take it or leave it. i have several, basically one for each room. Disabling IE Add-Ons did fix it.

You will be unable to connect to the server to verify that the certificate has not been revoked. IE will not work on Payapal for invoices, because it is Micro$oft. The battle is over. Reboot your workstation.

To observe the crash using an applet the following is sufficient: import javax.swing.JApplet; import java.awt.Graphics; public class HelloWorld extends JApplet { public void paint(Graphics g) { g.drawString("Hello world!", 5, 15); } I've tried everything and nothing works. Thank you for such wonderful good solution. A: You should use the getInsets() method to find the size of your frame's decorative border.

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