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Doing an unofficial, certified player is a piece of cake. It's definitely daily driver ready for any average computer minded people like you or I. Two I've found so far are Nokia Music from '09 and the latest version of htc sync, downloaded this year. Causing me to have to hard reboot the PC once a day or more. Check This Out

I'm usually pretty good with running a lean install so haven't had too many issues with performance/reliability etc that I couldn't solve. Before I had this done, the doctor told me if I went with the more expensive lens, I would see that. It's not on my computer??? It requires a restart to get the disk out, and then it looks to not even be burned.

Have upgraded from XP to Vista to 7 an now 8.1 going to 10! Took me about half a week to isolate the issue though.. They're always easy enough to reinstall after..

Page of 1 Previous Next Aurifex. 28 Feb 2006 15:13:55 1,030 posts Seen 4 years ago Registered 14 years ago I got a weird problem that has just started. It's really odd. Think its the processor fan or maybe the PSU. at 15:16:02 28-02-2006 Aurifex. 28 Feb 2006 15:29:15 1,030 posts Seen 4 years ago Registered 14 years ago Any one ?????

Both have files and/or folders named "..Nero.." Working on removing those also now. Add Image I'm e.g. So I'm guessing I just got lucky not to have been affected with your issue also!! I hope your experience with W10 has been a smooth one thus far. Now if i try and save anything the pc slows down bad.

I did see a procedure for doing this in Win 8 but it involved a registry change. I'm still using Classic Shell though lol Also seem to be running out or RAM frequently now.. And I don't know what's causing the problems. Edit Delete Remove Cancel Becca Hebert August 27, 2015 13:03 I just got an update from Nero, I guess I will have to attempt again..

thanks for the help. I'm not sure why the "Nero Cleaner" program doesn't locate these files...or why I don't find them from my initial windows search. Something I'm sure many people would prefer. happy, confident, thankful, excited kidding, amused, unsure, silly sad, anxious, confused, frustrated indifferent, undecided, unconcerned Cancel 0 Edit Delete Remove Official Fork oldmickthejoiner August 16, 2015 14:20 Hi Tazim I think

hope we can help each other. This installation is actually quite an old one.. I dl'd Clone & AnyDVD and my burner worked fine with surely it isn't a hardware problem? AARGHH. But at the moment, so does W10!!

Comment good answer! I, too, have noticed that I leak a lot of RAM since installing Windows 10, and I can't figure out why. Edit Delete Remove Cancel Wither 1 August 19, 2015 13:44 There are many more examples of strange things that Microsoft does. this contact form It looks like I'll be sticking with Windows 8.1 after all.

I guess there is something to be said for running the latest version of ANY piece of software. Comment good answer! I find it strange that Vista, Win 7, and, I assume Win 8, don't have to go through these hoops.

And I'm pretty happy with the result so far.

It only started up once I updated RealTimes to the latest build about a week after the W10 upgrade. Then it turned into buying the Newest Product. Register now! If non of this works and you don't get a solution at afterdawn, I would physicly remove all the cd drives except the problem HP.

Now they refuse to fix the problem (deliver 2016 in 2016), and they refuse to refund my wasted money. I've disconnected all of my USB devices; turned off my anti-virus programs; and turned off my firewall - but the installation still stops at 32%. good answer!(undo) Cancel Edit Your Reply (some HTML allowed) What's the status of this question? navigate here But that could be quite time consuming.

Edit Delete Remove Cancel Wither 1 August 27, 2015 14:11 Hi Becca- What is the update you're referring to? Comment good answer! Choose... I guess the problem you were facing was big enough for Microsoft to do something about in the end.. Glad they elected to sort it out sooner rather than later also.

Where else could it be? Add Image I'm e.g. Had no issues during. So it might be worth trying with the updated ISO then.

I also didn't know that your eye would get muscle spasms. Deselect "Verify Written Data" in Nero when you burn. 4. I'm planning to selectively restore some of those files after the upgrade if I notice any odd behaviour from the affected programs afterwards. GTBurns 28 Feb 2006 15:39:14 1,772 posts Seen 5 years ago Registered 13 years ago frod wrote: Sounds like dodgy hard drive, or possibly whatever passes for image preview code in

I went into the programs and x86 programs files. Anyone need lots of coasters? good answer!(undo) view 5more comments Becca Hebert August 14, 2015 15:41 There are many with this issue...Not everyone is an IT Edit Delete Remove Cancel Becca Hebert August 19, 2015 16:07 Otherwise, I can live with Windows 10.

Nero's lack of a fix or clear explanation of viable workarounds simply complicates the user experience. There are customization that were available in Windows 8 and 8.1 that would forgo those particular theme changes. Join over 733,556 other people just like you!