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Netscape 7.1 Problem With Windows XP

Since I couldn't even use the instant messenger I decided to try an " upgraded download" for AIM. Next, in Mozilla type about:plugins in the address bar. Many sites offer download links for these fonts, so do a google search for "download [name of language] fonts".Back to top How can I add/ remove one or more of the If you do subscribe to MSN, you will need to use Mozilla 1.7b or up since older versions do not support MSN authentication.

I'm a computer nerd so detailed instructions would be most helpful. And my guess is that they both aimed this time for a mutual release. #16 Re: Re: Which leads me to think.... Seems to me if they cannot stand behind their products and offer some help somewhere, then they shouldn't be offering this browser at all .While there is a tech listing for There are add-ons for Mozilla that will allow you to do that.

I tried to install an extension (e.g. Answer 'Yes' and everything should work as before.Back to top When I try to install Mozilla, the following error message occurs: " Error occurred during installation Navigator: -215 READ_ONLY ". How can I configure Mozilla to work with Brightmail? This is being done by changing the "X-Mozilla-Status:" that you can find when you open your Inbox file with an ascii editor.

When I try to install Mozilla, the following error message occurs: " Error occurred during installation Navigator: -215 READ_ONLY ". Netscape has version 7.02 available at present. When I click "OK" the installer and the error message go away and the installation remains unfinished. blocking addresses, or filtering out specific words?

But probably 99% of the two products is still identical, Mozilla is just updated more often. If you did then it isn't a problem with the scripts and plugins section (Edit | Preferences | Advanced header | Scripts and plugins) No harm in checking it to cover You can find more information at Bugzilla: Bug 204374 - GDI Resources are used till the UI/website displays faulty. How can I fix this or export my address book?

So when the X-Mozilla-Status of a non-deleted e-mail looks like: "X-Mozilla-Status: 9001", the deleted status is "X-Mozilla-Status: 9009". What can I do? Thanks, J. If you want to grab the whole path, click and drag all the way across the folder path to highlight it, press Ctrl+V to copy it to the clipboard, and then

Eudora creates two files for each mail folder, the mail store has the extension .mbx and the index has the extension .toc. [Pegasus] Pegasus creates a folder for each user within My bad ... This pops the complete path to the mail folder onto the Clipboard. What happened?

Installing Mozilla should work fine now.Back to top I updated to a newer version of Firefox and now every time when I try to run it, I get the following error After upgrading to Mozilla 1.7, it frequently crashes on pages that use Java (e.g. The error message varies, but usually states either "too few operands" or "unrecognized token". I am not sure, it may depend on the Java version I experience, primarily, lock ups on exiting NS6.2.2.When,6.2.2 is started, the Java icon appears in the taskbar, and it disappear,

Can't get mouse clicks to work on Windows second monitor configuration with Netscape 6.x. The GRE version corresponds to the build version you see in the about:box. #28 No xpcom.dll?? After the import, you will need to re-add email addresses to your distribution lists. I think Sun and others could have explained the whole process a little easier instread of making a meal of it....

Judd Answer: Well Judd, I feel your pain. there is a way, but it ain't easy and updating to Netscape 7.1 is no garuntee either. Setting it to "true" in Netscape.cfg allowed that.Unfortunately this is not present in NS 7 nor in 7.02.

In desperation I downloaded the full version still can't get it to load.

Is there a way I can recover my messages? How do I get "Gator" to work with Mozilla? To learn how to create shortcuts that point to a specific profile, see this FAQ entry. - If Mozilla's user interface looks or acts weird, or if you double-click on the I also updated my Java.

I have a large address list stored as an Excel file. Mozilla will re-create them. In addition, Netscape 7.02 offers enhancements to mail for AOL members who use the application to manage their mail, including the ability to unsend, check status and mark mail as unread. Rename them so that the numbers match those of the files in the new Profile.

Below is a suggested method once you have downloaded and install Netscape 7.0. Still, when I try to e.g. My machine is a Duron 1000, 768 MB RAM. open web documents, I get the error message "Firefox.exe / Mozilla.exe cannot be found".

Is it possible to block flash banner ads, as well? proxy authentication required. For one, this is the programs folder, but in addition to that, also delete the profile folder: Mozillazine Knowledge Base: Profile folder location. Look for preferences named (where # is a number, e.g. "").

An Option Even if you put a password on your Mac, Windows95, Windows 3.1, or Windows NT installed on FAT partition, anyone who is able to access your hard drive will NS 7.1 should now be working. Have no problem auto dialing with explorer. method, Aug 11, 2003, in forum: Windows XP Basics Replies: 0 Views: 288 method Aug 11, 2003 2nd question-Netscape Sandi H., Aug 12, 2003, in forum: Windows XP Basics Replies: 2

Is there anything I can do? looking for information on the spell checker, look under "Mozilla Mail & Address Book" (the spell checker is mostly used when composing mail). Many online banking sites do this, but also others like e.g. On Mac OS X, a typical profile location is: ~/Library/Mozilla/Profiles/Back to top How can I open Mozilla's Profile Manager on Mac OsX?

It is scheduled to ship at the end of August, and it's free. Is it possible to use my Outlook (Express) address book in Mozilla without having to import it? On a side note: If you did enable the JPG format under Edit | Preferences | Advanced | System, you may want to consider unchecking them.