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Seriuosly---If they can make Netscape a "Friendly" as Firefox.. Some templates may us "iFrames" for the footer or sidebar. I want Mozilla to display PDF files (Adobe Acrobat documents) inside of the browser window instead of in Acrobat Reader (or vice versa). Right-click My Computer, 2. Check This Out

What's wrong? Perhaps 8.0 will be better. This page cannot be viewed." This simply means that the browser you are using is of an older version that does not understand the high-level encryption that Online Account Access uses. Is there a way I can preview larger email messages without having to download them completely (which can take forever)?

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Mozilla won't run / start at all? Click the View tab. 3. In the following Window, select Communicator 4.x and click on "Next".

If none exist, open Navigator/Communicator and from the Help menu, select About Plug-ins. Can I create a mail filter that automatically deletes messages from the server but not from my Inbox when certain criteria (like e.g. You are - Mozilla Help - Using Mozilla FAQ Mozilla FAQ: Using Mozilla:Last updated June 12th, 2006 Hint: To see if this page has been updated since your last visit, Netscape Mail Client 7.2 Download Type in in the box.

There are two alternatives if you get this error message and want to export your address book: - easy: Use MozBackup to make a backup of just your address book. Netscape 7.2 Mail Netscape 7.2 Setup - Software Licence Agreement: Acceptation of the Licence Agreement: If you do not agree to the licence conditions the set-up procedure will be stopped. Always use the "LOG OFF" button when you are finished, this will insure that cookies that were used for your session are removed.  Q. After three failed attempts, it is assumed to be fraudulent activity and the account is "locked out".

News: The subscribed groups are stored in the *.rc file (i.e. Download Netscape Navigator 9 Navigator 4.8 does not seem to be able to display any of the HTML 4.0 character entity references that correspond to numeric character references greater than 255, except the euro sign you either use them as your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or you subscribe to MSN as an add-on to your regular Internet Service (many Cable providers offer MSN on top of I need/want to create a new profile and I want to copy my data (cookies, mail, bookmarks,...) from the old profile to the new one.

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Many online banking sites do this, but also others like e.g. internet Clicking on the mail icon, seleting "Window" -> "Mail and Newsgroups", etc. Netscape 7.2 Download If you have not enabled this feature and are currently locked out, please contact our Call Center by phone at 355-0152 or 1-800-426-5241 Ext. 0 during regular business hours. To enable this Netscape Navigator 7.2 Free Download For more information on cookies, see "What are cookies? "Also, keep in mind that your password is case sensitive.

Cookies have expiration dates. his comment is here Sorry I can not be of more help, but we can only do what the software will allow us to do and profile options are very limited. Beside that, you also have to enter the Destination Directory. Are the settings: Port: 143 SSL correct? Netscape 8

Version 7.2 also has some other new features that are good improvements over 7.1.My main gripe with Netscape is that you have to create group mailing lists manually--and I have to Click Check Name. 8. Yahoo! this contact form It seems that for your operating system Mozilla / Firefox is still your default browser / default program for HTML files (and probably the URL protocol) in spite of having been

To eliminate the need to confirm each secure page, check off the option to not show the secure warning message.  Q. Netscape Communicator Download Windows 7 64-bit If that is the case, get a Java version that has been compiled with the same GCC version as Mozilla. When I try to install Mozilla, the following error message occurs: " Error occurred during installation Navigator: -215 READ_ONLY ".

Click OK to save your new settings. For Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or 9.0: Click Tools, then Internet Options, then under the section "Browsing history," click Settings, then under Check for Newer Versions

Try copying the file from your CD to: In Windows 9.x systems: C:\Windows\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\profilename\*.slt In Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\YourID\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\default\YourProfileNumber.slt NOTE: YourID stands for the profine that you used YourProfileNumber.slt Keep in mind that the INBOX folder you are looking for is NOT the one with the .msf extension. Address book: Open the Netscape Address Book Export all Address Books as an LDIF File Save to your Backup Folder Browse to your Profile\profilename\*.slt Folder Save: abook.mab (personal address book) history.mab Netscape 6 Authenticating your exchange server is something normally done by the administrator.

Is there an easy way to make backups of my Mozilla / Netscape 7 profile (or parts of it like e.g. When I right click on a mail folder the char set displays Western iso-8859-1 but when I go to the pull down menu, the arabic IBM 864 is checked and when How can I disable the splash screen that is shown when Mozilla starts up? To combine all of the .prn files, use the DOS command “COPY *.prn FILENAME”.

ID's and passwords are not case sensitive. The CNET Lounge forum About This ForumThe CNET Lounge is a relaxed destination for you to discuss with your fellow members the latest happenings around tech hot topics, tech news, and Pick Properties. 4. But I'm not using anything that has to do with America OnLine.

This should have taken care of the problem. Copyright © Ascentra Credit Union. Correctly setting this option to the charset most often used in the user's mail viewing helps avoid display problem of this type. click on a link, nothing happens / the link does not work.

One would think that you have done everything that could possible be done.