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Retrieved January 2, 2008. ^ "Netscape Community – Online Petition for the Support of NN". The stock was set to be offered at US$14 per share, but a last-minute decision doubled the initial offering to US$28 per share. Netscape 7.0 Preview Release 1 is available from Netscape's web site or FTP server. You'll need to make sure your browser is configured correctly to do this. http://dionelabs.com/netscape-browser/netscape-8.html

In Preferences>Composer>New Page Settings, the colors normally associated with visited (violet) and active (red) links are reversed (also a problem(?) in Mozilla). Enter your username and password in the login box on the left hand side of the page. Allows them to play nice with themes. #101 Re: dignity bug by MXN Thursday May 23rd, 2002 3:24 PM Reply to this message Does anyone know where to find the old-style I've tried Mozilla 1.0RC2 as well.

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Q. Restart the computer, and then reinstall Acrobat. 3. Change the content-type header on the web server. They didn't update the string for IE6 either so I think they may have decided just to stay with 'Mozilla/4.0' (it makes browser-sniffing easier, as sniffers determine IE by the 'MSIE'

Netscape 7.0*English Language, Windows 2000 Order on CD ROM Special Offer - Free CD*Only $2.99 Shipping & Handling •System Requirements •Learn more about Netscape 7.0 •Installation Instructions •Other Netscape products Other well *#^$, I guess i'll be sticking to Mozilla...unless someone tells me how to work aroung this GLARING bug. Contact that server's webmaster for assistance. 12. Netscape Navigator 5.0 Free Download This version, more or less based on Netscape Navigator 3 Code, updated and added new features.

Go back to your gnu prayers, opensource talibans. It's ugly. The company's name also changed from Mosaic Communications Corporation to Netscape Communications Corporation. Sec.gov.

However the behaviour is inconsistent, either they should all be links, or none of them should be, that is why I consider it a bug. Netscape Browser For Mac by SubtleRebel Thursday May 23rd, 2002 3:06 PM Reply to this message Have you never wanted to see a useless moron eliminated? Retrieved January 2, 2008. ^ Netscape Mercury in progress Retrieved on June 11, 2007 ^ "Internet Archive Wayback Machine". Retrieved May 18, 2014. ^ "Is commercial spaceflight's "Netscape moment" near?".

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Retrieved July 1, 2012. ^ "Mozilla Stomps Ahead Under AOL". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netscape Netscape could not compete with this strategy. Netscape Browser Download Network World. Netscape 7.2 Download Lycos.

Retrieved July 14, 2006. ^ Oracle Web Tier". his comment is here Retrieved July 14, 2006. ^ "Memoirs from the Browser Wars". On August 9, 1995, Netscape made an extremely successful IPO. located in the "Temporary Internet File" section Then Try again. Download Netscape Navigator 11

AOL marketed a discount ISP service under the Netscape brand name. However, the need to project a more "professional" image (especially towards corporate clients) led to this being removed. by MXN Friday May 24th, 2002 4:34 PM Reply to this message What features for gopher did Mozilla have? http://dionelabs.com/netscape-browser/netscape.html But imho it is a small price to pay for AOL's support of the mozilla project.

Or maybe they just wanted to save a killer feature for next release. Netscape Communicator Internet Explorer users: Check your security settings. Macworld.

And it's huge.

They skipped Netscape 5, released Netscape 6 a year premature then finally try and get it right with another Netscape called 7? #23 Re: NS7?? netscape browser". I've found it often keeps reappearing if I don't register even though it shouldn't. Netscape Mail IE 5.1.6: Click Edit / Preferences.

Click Clear Private Data Now. 7. But Netscape 7.x is aiming to compete with _modern_ browsers, and Modern just looks a whole lot better. And the Composer gave me four crashes in four days, 'cos it's flaky too. http://dionelabs.com/netscape-browser/netscape-8-firefox.html IE was slow and unstable on the Mac platform until version 4.5.[citation needed] Despite this, Apple entered into an agreement with Microsoft to make IE the default browser on new Mac

Later versions of Netscape 6 were much improved[citation needed] (especially 6.2.x was regarded as a good release)[who?], but the browser still struggled to make an impact on a disappointed community.[citation needed]