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Net Access On New Win2k Machines Much Slower Than Old Win98 Machines


A User’s Perspective Dec 27, 2009 // by Hackadelic // Blog // 123 Comments MS Windows - is there a more controversial operating system? That is about all I have to say, like it or not. read more at pc world matthew's opinion does anyone still run these outdated operating systems? Then there's discretionary access control - meaning if you want to, you can prevent others from accessing your files, directories, Registry information, etc. Check This Out

Maybe someday, IF I can ever afford it, I'll try a Mac. ms designs crap software and leaves it behind forcing people to upgrade.. up until the intel macs were released, os 9 was still being shipped along with the latest os (at time of purchase) available? Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro: Microsoft's best desktop OS ever? https://forums.techguy.org/threads/net-access-on-new-win2k-machines-much-slower-than-old-win98-machines.52812/

Can Windows 98 Still Be Used

therefore don't complain that they are pulling support. It was way more stable than Windows 9x and could run almost all of the same software. kinda felt bad afterwards…i hope the sucker isn't reading this article. - by billnyethescienceguy me (11:52pm est mon apr 17 2006)

me = mistake edition what a disaster.. 98 at least I do not use Adobe Flash plugin .

Which, coincidentally, was also where all the 16-bit and 8-bit drivers had to reside. and for the most part, i'm willing to bet that 90% of the windows 98 users aren't even up to date on their latest patches… so what if ms stops supporting if mac is your brand congrats if your a gamer, as of right now, a mac is pretty much out of the question. Best Windows 98 Software os 9 was released in oct 99 and still in use for new machines until jan of this year.

I set up a third server (all 3 are running Windows 2000 Server) on the network. Using Windows 98 In 2015 another problem that me has is that users do not know how to handle the system restore function, just as on xp. Anyway, XP handled photos with very great ease - rename, move to different folders, the thumbnail views. http://newwikipost.org/topic/8HY6iv2kG3D1n6i7MoR6NXHB3QmRJgE0/can-you-install-windows-7-on-multiple-machines.html CHii November 30, 2012 at 5:27 am Scheduled Tasks in XP is a nightmare.

why? Windows 98 Software Download i would have no problem paying that amount to get the newest os and support for it. I could go on and on, but I'm forced to use it and hate every second of it. My hunch was right on Win 7 problems.

Using Windows 98 In 2015

When they break, it sometimes cost more to repair them than the cost of two new machines ever would, but guess what…they'll be repaired. here Any version of Windows before 3.1 was an interesting toy, but not very useful. Can Windows 98 Still Be Used A system running old 16-bit Windows for Workgroups code is inherently unstable (yes much more so than Windows 98). Using Windows 98 In 2016 if you think that os-xp is $400 dollars maybe you need to check prices again.

It will take a few years for these coup d'etats to realize themselves but corporate control over content will certainly re-establish itself. his comment is here Join our site today to ask your question. Just like you can't out-exercise a bad diet, you can't out-engineer crappy software! seven has a better response, i dont get incompatibility issues in later games, you can always use compatibility mode anyway. Is Windows 98 Still Usable

i am sure there are many home pcs that have been sitting in a corner gathering dust for some time with windows 98 loaded, but i hope most users have made Use what you want, if its better for you than that's what matters… Use it and shut up! My overall computing experience is in fact slower despite all these huge advances in processing power, funny isn't it? this contact form The other one is for sale Lova-B0i May 18, 2012 at 3:12 pm Guys Ive been using Windows XP since a really long time now on a Core 2 Duo, 2GB

if one allows companies to constantly force them to purchace new stuff every time there are updates, the overall negative effects on the world, the market, the economy and your tolerence Who Still Uses Windows 98 So I would rather consider using xp then 7. Cutler had been with Digital Equipment for the RSX, VMS, Mica and Prism projects - the latter, based in nearby Seattle, having only recently been abandoned.

You have to kill the berserk app.

If I need to get something done I still much prefer XP. at some point you do stop developing new resources for older operating systems. what eventually becomes of your 2.5ghz monster gaming box when to run wow v.x you have to upgrade to a 6.4ghz minimum machine? Windows 98 Programs not bashing at all.

apple took the clean slate approach with os x because os 9 could not be taken any farther to improve the experience. Mainly because of MicroApplication's Graphic Works 3.1 . The operating system 'maps' different things into different areas of this gargantuan 'address space'. http://dionelabs.com/windows-98/networking-win98-w-win2k.html The original volume program we used to use, not any more.

The system - imperceptibly to you on this level but noticeable in the long run by virtue of the general sluggishness - simply stands still. Win98se is quite capable of massaging large audio files and the big bonus for me is the staggering speed of Win9x running on a 2 GHz single core CPU and 1 The interface is crap and it catches bugs easy. Windows XP has better speed, functionality, compatibility with majority of software & hardware, more efficient & more stable.

good. It seems like it is a one way street. To make them feel better they just talk sad about windows 7 and feel better with Xp… Sad people these days… Hackadelic March 31, 2012 at 7:49 pm Hey Michi, what The last time the processor manufacturer Intel churned out a 16-bit processor was way back at the very beginning of the 90's - almost ten years ago.

Bit-locker does not work no matter how many tweaks, the aero INTERface INTERfears with valuable resources and causes some games to crash on start-up such as Fallout 3. Then you have Apple which are DRM lock-down fanatics too. It is all about good programming and DB design that makes it last more than expected. pack to stylize my UI, mostly for the nostalgia.

Windows 7 is UI and although it looks more fancy it's less user friendly. an upgrade is less then $99 dollars to xp-home. some of you may think $140 is too much to pay for a piii machine, but if you consider that xp home oem and uprade both cost around $100 it was Win 7 has taken more rights away from the user with all that extra protection rubbish which XP had hidden away but could be turned on by the user.

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